Political tempeturers high In Nambale Constituency.

Political Temperatures Boiling Up In Nambale Ahead Of August 2022 Elections

Temperatures are rising in the contest for the Nambale constituency seat in the forthcoming August 9th general elections sucking in high profile personalities including the outgoing Busia County governor Sospeter Ojaamong.

At the centre of the heat for the seat which is up for grabs since the current legislator John Bunyasi has abandoned it to fight it out for the county’s gubernatorial seat are Godfrey Mulanya who has lost twice and Kevin Okwara who contested in Turbo but was rigged out by Deputy President William Ruto’s influence.

The others are immediate former Chief Officer for health in Busia County Isaack Omeri, County CeC John Mwani who has pulled out of the heat in the race, Standard Group Media personality Kizito Namulanda who contested at the last elections for it and lost to Bunyasi just like Mulanya and another Media personality Joseph Barasa who has confirmed pulling out of the messy electioneering business to deal with other pressing issues.

The emerging scenario at the nomination level is the most critical battle for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket ahead of the general elections in August. It is here according to our multiple sources on the ground that Mulanya and Okwara are at each other’s throats in a do or die battle for nomination to contest for the Nambale constituency seat on August 9th 2022 for the most sought after ODM ticket before the balloting day.

This is where the influence of governor Ojaamong a two time governor of Busia County comes in not only having won that seat twice on an ODM ticket, but also fighting out to re-capture his former Teso South Constituency seat, above all his connectivity and influence with the family of the ODM leader and presidential candidate Raila Odinga right from his late father Jaramogi Odinga who actually mentored him successfully into elective politics.

Ojaamong’s influence in Nambale constituency which neighbours his home constituency cannot be under-estimated because though coming from the neighbouring Teso community he has powerful Luhya Abaguri clan blood to the core – the most populous and powerful clan in the constituency that sired his mother ‘Nakhayo’.

Ironically it is this clan that has fronted Okwara to contest against Mulanya a ‘Mumenya’ who is perceived to be supported by the County Governor in his third attempt to capture that seat on an ODM ticket – yet Mulanya has his own debilitating issues not only with the constituency politics but also in his profession with clients as a lawyer that bring his credibility to replace Bunyasi into question.

This puts Ojaamong between steel and more than just a hard rock because apart from that, the two personalities have been and remain close friends, despite the roiling Nambale constituency political imbroglio where his late mother’s and Okwara’s roots are deep rooted.

At the moment Ojaamong is allegedly being accused of plotting to rig Kevin Okwara for Godfrey Mulanya to get the ODM ticket at nomination level at his third stab to win that seat on the same ticket but failed dismally something that the Governor has strongly denied.

This development squarely brings into focus the clan factor of that constituency that apart from Baguri and Bamenya the second most populous clan is that of Bakhabi who successfully wrestled from the neighbouring Marachi tribe decade’s domination curved them out and created the new Nambale Constituency by former area former MP and cabinet minister Phillip Masinde. The other clans are Bamudiru, Bakhero, Abade, Ababiran’gu among others.

Kevin Okwara hails from the Abaguri clan while Mulanya is from the Abamenya clan which is apparently the clan of Ojaamong’s choice against his Abaguri maternal uncles, but according to sources he says that the clan abandoned him at the time of need in 2017 where they allegedly endorsed his rival Paul Otuoma who lost to him but now this time round contesting against the Busia County two term Women Rep. Florence Mutua for the ODM ticket to succeed Ojaamong.

Emerging fact is that Okwara contested in Turbo in 2017 and won in the nominations on a Jubilee ticket but he was rigged out by DP Ruto on tribal biases being his home Sugoi backyard. This time round, he has come to contest at home in Nambale on an ODM ticket.

Mulanya on the other hand impeccable insider sources say that last year he held several secret talks with Ruto a clear indication that he is not loyal to the ODM party but merely out to serve personal interests, a matter that contributed heavily for him in the 2013 general elections lose out to Bunyasi.

The worst aspect of the whole business is that he had been sponsored by his godfather Chris Okemo who was then standing on a Ford Kenya ticket against Senator Amos Wako who was then running on an ODM ticket for that County’s Senatorial seat the result was that Mulanya opted to campaign for Okemo secretly.

It was a disastrous move that cost the three times aspiring legislator dearly therefore bringing sharply into focus Mulanya’s sense of loyalty and reliability, leave alone the massive un-answered queries over his legal practice clients in Nairobi and elsewhere.

Other emerging facts on that ground clearly show that if OJaamong gets completely stuck to his guns with Mulanya as his choice candidate to get the ODM ticket there is a possibility that his Maternal Uncles of the Abaguri clan would rebel and vote for their own Okwara as a bloc hence complicating the whole political imbroglio.

Mulanya is still in more trouble from his own Bamenya clan with the emergence of Benard Nandieki of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA who is also gunning for the same seat during the August 9th general elections for the Nambale constituency seat – thus effectively dividing the Bamenya clan vote amongst them since there are reportedly no two candidates from the other clans – then who will vote for them from the other clans?

However, the biggest ganger in the erupting political imbroglio is the fact that these developments can easily dearly cost the ODM leader and Azimio Presidential candidate in protest votes, since the ODM nomination stalemate has boiled over to the gubernatorial level between Dr. Otuoma and Mutua.

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