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Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong defends himself in Sh 8M Graft case

by Robert Guyana

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong has denied any conspiracy to defraud the county Sh8M.

Appearing before Milimani Anti-Corruption Magistrate Douglas Ogoti, Ojaamong said that he has a proper Working relationship with the people of Busia County and he can never defraud them.

“The people of Busia has elected me four times because they have faith in me,’’said Ojaamong.

He said that he never conspired with any of the other 9 accused persons to defraud the county Sh 8M Solid waste management funds.

He said that with increment of solid waste, the department of water and sanitation needed to find the solution by raising resources to curb it.

Ojaamong said the project was huge and needed a lot of funds, they had to involve donors, people and other stakeholders to raise Sh 205 Million for the project.

“We travelled to Germany for fact finding and training mission and we found out that they have the best waste management processes, “said Ojaamong.

He added that they were accompanied by some of the Members of the Parliament to oversee the happenings for transparency.

Ojaamong said that the allegations by the prosecution that he went for a leisure trip are not based on truth.

He said that upon coming back to Kenya, they were satisfied about German’s methods of waste management and they came with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The Governor added that in that delegation, everything was displayed in public and they never conspired to defraud.

“The prosecution has already called witnesses who were in that trip and none of them said that they conspired to defraud,” added Ojaamong.

He added that after they came back called after they came back on May 7,2014 included CECs, Governor, Deputy Governor among others.

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