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Former Tetu MP to plead to assault charges next month

by JT reporter

Former Tetu Member of Parliament Ndungu Gethenji’s assault plea has been deferred to  March 24,2021.

Gethenji is accused of assaulting a security guard in Kihingo village on February 5,2021.

His lawyer Ishmael Nyaribo appeared before magistrate Martha Mutuku on Tuesday Morning, and pleaded with the court to postpone the plea to two more weeks because his client is ailing.

Gethenji is facing several other assault and forgery cases at Milimani law courts.

“My client is bed ridden and cannot make it to court today,I pray that you defer a plea and grant us two weeks, “he added.

On several occasions Gethenji’s cases have been deferred due to several reasons.

On November 16,2020 a forgery case was deferred by magistrate Mutuku after his lawyer told a court he had been in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19.

Gethenji, who was to plead to the forgery charges that day,failed to show up in court and instead sent his lawyer Ishmael Nyaribo.

Nyaribo told the court that after being arrested, he was granted police cash bail pending charges.In that case Gethenji is accused of forging minutes of a meeting held by Kihingo Village (Waridi Gardens) Management One Limited.

He was again expected in court on December 1,2020 to plead to those charges but the court was informed that he was mourning his mother-in-law who had passed away.Mutuku postponed  the plea  for the second time but granted him a last adjournment, he was finally charged in that case on December 17,2020.

Gethenji has since received temporary orders stopping the forgery case from the high court.Yesterday, the victims lawyer professor George Wajackoyah told the court that the suspect is trying to contact the assaulted man Godfrey Mutua and that the court should stop him.

“The suspect has on several times tried to contact the victim and he might interfere with the witness,” added George Wajackoyah.Mutuku deferred his plea to March 24.

She also ordered that Gethinji’s lawyer produce medical documents in court before taking a plea.Reportedly, at 11.28 pm on February 5, Gethenji arrived at the gate of Kihingo Village where he lives and where he has been in a protracted dispute with the other residents.

As a result, he has been removed from the chairmanship of Kihingo Village Management Company and no longer plays any part in the management of the upmarket estate in Kitisuru.

Gethenji was annoyed that Securex was recently appointed to provide security to Kihingo Village and that his preferred security company 911 was blocked from entering the estate.

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