Home Court News Businessman seeks Sh 24Million compensation from Bhachu Company.

Businessman seeks Sh 24Million compensation from Bhachu Company.

by Robert Guyana

A young Somali businessman has filed civil suit at Milimani labour court seeking more than 24 Million shillings from Bhachu Industries. According to court papers filed at the court on the 7th of October 2022, Mohamed Abdi Madow says he is seeking the said amount following an incident where a tanker that was build by the Bhachu Industries failed from the truck in Congo while transporting fuel.Adow says, he took the lorry to the said company and paid more than 600,000 Kenyan shillings as a payment for the said tanker only for the Bhachu Industries to use fake and wrong matirial leading to the cause of the accident.According to the young businessman who does transportation, his truck is still detained in Congo and effort by Bhachu Industries to pay him for damages has gone futile despite numerous promises by the management to repay him back.Initially the Bhachu Industries had agreed to pay him a compensation for the damage and lose he incurred only to disagree the agreement later ,The young man who is now working as a driver is seeking his payment through court

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