Home Court News Man accused of Throwing his 20 years old girlfriend from 12th floor sentenced to 5 years.

Man accused of Throwing his 20 years old girlfriend from 12th floor sentenced to 5 years.

by Robert Guyana

A Nairobi court has sentenced to 5 years a man accused of throwing his 20-year-old girlfriend he met on Facebook from a 12th floor building to the 9th floor.Easther Kimilu, the principal magistrate in Milimani, sentenced Moses Gatama Njoroge on one count of causing grievous harm.While convicting the accused, the magistrate stated that the victim suffered serious injuries. The magistrate stated that medical records outlined the injuries inflicted on the victim, which were admitted as evidence in court.”The victim suffered fractures, was immobilized for a few months, and couldn’t stand without crutches when she gave her testimony,” Kimilu explained.The magistrate noted that the complainant had been chatting with the accused on Facebook, and that the fateful day was their first physical meeting.The court observed that they had lunch at the accused’s office, which they had purchased from a food outlet, and that the accused had some alcoholic drink that they had purchased together before he became violent.”He kept hitting her face with his fist, forcing her to put on shoes that the accused would repeatedly remove,” Kimilu said.According to the lengthy judgment, the lady victim decided to leave, but the accused continued to assault her, eventually pushing her through a window on the 12th floor and landing on the 9th floor balcony.While convicting the accused, Kimilu stated that the accused had no justification to assault the complainant, even if she was drunk and unable to walk. Kimilu also stated that the accused made no attempt to hire an uber for the complainant.The accused’s defense was rejected by the court because he did not challenge the evidence on record and did not mention that the complainant threw herself from the 12th to 9th floor during arrest, and that his defense was an afterthought.In mitigation, the convicted pleaded for mercy, claiming that he was young and had only recently begun his career as an ICT expert at the time of the offense.Prior to sentencing on December 1st, 2022, the court requested a victim impact report and a pre-sentencing report.

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