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Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero writes to CJ seeking to have his matter heard by magistrate Ogoti.

Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has written to the Chief Justice.

He is seeking to have a case before the Anti-corruption court to be heard by magistrate Douglas Oguti.

In the letter,Kidero and others say that Ogoti has heard the case from the beginning and its now at the last stages adding that one witness is remaining to testify in the matter.

According to the accused persons, they would want Ogoti to hear and determine the case.
Ogoti was transferred from Milimani court to Kisumu.

It is their submission that the transfer of the magistrate is likely to affect and delay the case and delay his fundamental right to a fair hearing and expeditious conclusions of the trial.
“Thus given the very advanced stage of these proceedings, the numerous parties and advocates involved, judicious use of limited judicial resources including time in view of article 47………we take this opportunity call upon and humbly request the intervention of the chief justice to grant permission and give directions that the trial magistrate Ogoti to conclude and finalize the trial of this, matter,” reads the letter
When the matter came up for mention this morning before magistrate Victor Wakhumile, Kidero through his lawyers asked for adjournment to allow the CJ reply to their request dated 22 February this year.
The court agreed and directed that the matter be mentioned on 20th of April to confirm if the cj has replied and for further directions.

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