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Woman charged with defrauding Kenyan Multi-Millionaire Joshua Kulei of over Sh 5M.

by Robert Guyana

A woman has been charged with multi million land fraud involving Joshua Kulei’s land at Kitsuru in Nairobi.

Elizabeth Sote Chesang was charged alongside Hosea Kipngetich Kieng with conspiring to defraud an unsuspecting citizen Kes 6.5 million pretending they would facilitate the subdivision and transfer of 89.4 Ha located at Kitsuru in the name of Joshua Kulei.

Eliabeth was separately charged with illegally obtaining Kes 5.09 million from Geofrey Kiptoo pretending she would transfer the same land to him a fact she knew to be false.

Hosea who was charged in his absentia was accused of defrauding Kiptoo Kes 1.4 million still pretending to be in a position to transfer the said land to his name.

The two accused persons were further charged with forging the signature of Rosina Ndila Mule, a land Registrar at Ardhi House in Nairobi and attaching the same on a fake title deed of the said land belonging to Joshua Kulei pretending it to be genuine.

Elizabeth denied particulars of the charges and was remanded at Langata Women Prison awaiting the decision on whether to release her on bond or not.

She said that she is unwell but the court ruled that her medical documents need to be verifies.

The matter will be mentioned on March 30/2023.

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