Home Court News Echesa wants kakamega Governor arrested over abduction and assault.

Echesa wants kakamega Governor arrested over abduction and assault.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari he has written to the DPP on the same.

by Robert Guyana

Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) seeking his directive to have Kakamega Governor arrested for illegally abducting and assaulting him.

In a letter written by his lawyer Danstan Omari, Echesa says that he will pursue private prosecution against Fedinand Baraza and those who worked under his instructions.

“Kindly consider our request as stated in this letter. We look forward to lawful and appropriate but urgent actions from your good offices, “added Omari.

Omari says that on March 5/2024, Baraza in conjunction with other unknown persons illegally abducted, detained and assaulted his client before releasing him deep into the night of the same day.

The City lawyer adds that his client sustained life-threatening injuries during the detention and was forced to go without food or water.

“Cries of our client to be released so that he can solve any dispute with the said Governor fell on deaf ears. The unwarranted and forceful abduction and detention is a criminal offence under the penal code.” added Omari.

Echesa says he was denied freedom arbitrarily or without just cause, subjected to physical and psychological violence and Torture which is cruel, inhuman or degrading.

He says that Baraza is using his standing in the society as a shield and now wants to take advantage of the situation. He feels that no one can arrest him and that nothing can be done to him.

“That is a mockery of our security and justice organs in the country and portrays the said national institutions as weak and incapable of enforcing the law, “added Omari in the letter.

Omari says that Echesa has already reported the matter and was issued with an OB at Karen Police Station but no further action was taken by the police.

“Our client hereby calls your office to enforce Article 157(4) of the constitution 2010, by directing the IG to arrest Barasa and those working under his instruction, “added Omari.

Echesa says that failure to arrest Baraza and charge him with assault and abduction shall amount to discrimination under Article 27 as members of the public who have been abused and threatened in Kenya have been arrested and arraigned in court throughout the country. The status of the Governor should not be an impediment as all people are equal before the law.

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