Home Court News Man charged with stealing toilet flashing nobs at Re-Insurance Plaza.

Man charged with stealing toilet flashing nobs at Re-Insurance Plaza.

by Robert Guyana

A man has been charged with stealing 20 toilet flashing nobs worth Sh 100,000 at Re-Insurance Plaza.

Ismael Ben Otieno Ouma appeared before Nairobi magistrate David Ndungi and denied the charges.

The court was informed that he committed the offense on July 12,2019 along Taifa Road within Nairobi County.

Otieno faced a second count of handling stolen goods contrary to the law. He was accused that he dishonestly received or retained three toilet flashing knobs, knowing they were stolen.

He pleaded guilty to the charges and he was detained till June 3,2021 where the prosecution will avail the knobs in court as evidence.

The facts were not read to him because the evidence was not in court, prosecution requested for more days to avail them.

At the same time, the OCS central police station was summoned in court on that date to explain the complaints raised by the accused that his Sh 10,000 lorex make watch was taken away by police.

The matter will be mentioned on June 3,2021.

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