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Itumbi wants Typed Court proceedings in fake letter case.

by Robert Guyana

Former State House digital director Dennis Itumbi has requested the court to supply him with typed court proceedings before he defend himself.

Itumbi appeared before magistrate Susan Shitubi where he requested for typed proceedings.

He has been put on defense over the fake letter alleging a plot to assassinate Deputy President William Ruto.

Itumbi and his co-accused blogger Samuel Gateri on their defense had been put on their defense after the prosecution proved its case against them.

“Having analysed the evidence before court, I find that the prosecution has proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt to warrant the accused to be placed on their defence,” she said.

In the case, the prosecution, through Anderson Gikunda, called eight witnesses to prove the charges against Itumbi and Gateri.

The matter will be mentioned on January 31,2022 to confirm whether the defense has been supplied with court proceedings.

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