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Kenyans in diaspora condemns the move to block Miguna Miguna from entering Kenya.

by Robert Guyana

Diaspora for Change of Justice for Kenya Union has issued a press statement demanding the government to allow Miguna Miguna unconditional return to Kenya.

Through their leader Sebastian Onyango,the Union says that UHURU KENYATTA must alllow Miguna back home and shall be held personally responsible if anything were to happen to MM.

“When you target one Kenyan you target all of us. Kenyans must stop the hypocrisy of thinking its someone else. The lion will soon swallow all of us. We must stop them dead on their tracks,”added Onyango.

They added that they appeal to all people of Kenya to come together regardless of religion, race, tribe, social status and reaffirm the constitutional sovereignty of the people by rejecting the action of this tiny minority in this regime.

“We also appeal to all Kenyans to join the online campaign to boycott the services of Air France and products made by any company associated with those named in the suit,”added Onyango.

The Diaspora people says that there is now increasing tendency by the political class to emasculate the independence of the judiciary by refusing to uphold court orders and to comply with the rule of law while resorting to personal pronouncements not supported by law.

They said that this is worrying be most Kenyans at home and in the diaspora and sets a bad precedence of monumental proportions not only for Kenyans, but to the entire international community, that the law in Kenya can be applied selectively at the whims of the political class.

They added that this should not worry Miguna only but all Kenyan from all walks of life and the judiciary.The Diaspora for Change and Justice for Kenya initiative is gravely concerned by the government of Uhuru
Kenyatta’s continued illegal policy of forced exile to its critic, human rights and civil society leader Miguna Miguna.

Despite several court orders requiring the government to allow, facilitate and not to interfere with the return of Mr Miguna Miguna to the country, the leadership continues to refuse to comply and continue to
fragrantly disobey these court orders by issuing illegal red alerts to airlines scheduled to fly Miguna Miguna.

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