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Family of two men arrested with Murder suspicion in US wants access to see their loved once.

by Robert Guyana

The family of the two men who were arrested yesterday for suspicion of murder in the UK have pleaded with the police to give them access to see them.

Addressing the media at Milimani Law Courts, Siyad Abdi Hakim, sister to Hooda Mohammed, one of the arrested and Halima Omar, wife to one of the arrested, have said that what they want at this moment is proof of life.

“It’s been 35 hours since their arrest and no proof of life. We just need proof of life. It’s been concerning and emotional.” Siyad said.

“My husband was taken at 6am yesterday. They lied that they were held at DCI. We went but they we didn’t see them. We’re really concerned.” Halima told the press.

According to the family, yesterday at 6 am, 8 officers came to their home, one was British, they banged the door and entered with force telling everyone to sit down. They did not introduce themselves apart from saying they were from Interpol. They took a passport photo and ID photo of Halima and said they were going to call with the suspects’ whereabouts but they have not done that.

“We have searched every police station, Gigiri, Muthaiga but we haven’t found them.” Halima added.

“According to the information we have which is not alot, they were supposed to be brought in for extradition. We can deal with that. But we can’t deal with the police refusing us access to the two. The police owe the public a duty. The right of an accused to be seen by their lawyer is the law.” Family Lawyer Wandugi Kirathe said.

Kirathe has said they will file for Habeas Corpus tomorrow if the police will not have given them access to the arrested.

Habeas Corpus is a request to the court to order the custodian of a person dead or alive.

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