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Key Businessman Paul Kobia set free in shooting case

by Robert Guyana

A case in which businessman Paul Kobia was accused of shooting in the air at a massage parlor has been dismissed.

Chief magistrate Wendy Micheni ruled that the prosecution failed to prove the case.

“I have considered an application by the defense and the prosecution and it is evident that the accused did not behave in a disorderly manner because he was protecting his life and property, “added Micheni.

Kobia was acquitted under section 215 act.

He was acquitted after his lawyers Henry Kurauka and Karathe Wandugi made an application for dismissal saying that Kobia hadcar settled the matter with the complainants and that two of the three charges were dismissed.

In the case, Kobia was accused of shooting in the air at a massage parlor in the year 2017.

He had been charged alongside four others who have since been acquitted for the offence of kidnapping and detaining a Congolese national Landole Iseka Blanchard on March 9, 2017 at a massage parlour within Kilimani area Nairobi County.

He had been arrested with his six bodyguards after they were involved in a violent fight with a Congolese national in Nairobi.

The Congolese national was injured during the incident and is admitted in hospital. Kobia told police he went to claim his Sh40 million from the Congolese national, the money he had lent him in exchange for gold.

Witnesses said Kobia and his gang arrived at Super Lodge along Kindaruma Road in Kilimani area at about 10pm where the Congolese identified only as Londale stayed and forced their way in.

They then forced him into their car while beating him up and shouting they needed their money.

Kobia is said to have used his gun to shoot in the air twice after guards at the apartment there tried to block their way.

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