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Two women in Sh 300M House Fraud Case released on Sh 5M Bond.

by Robert Guyana

Two officials of a Women Group accused of defrauding Kenyans over Sh 300M have been released on Sh 5M bond or a cash bail of Sh 3M each.

Magistrate Wendy Micheni while releasing them ordered that they also deposit their passports in court.

The two Mary Ndunge Mutuku and Mary Wanjiku Ndung’u pleaded not guilty to 16 counts of forgery and obtaining money by false pretenses.

They are being represented by lawyer Geoffrey Omenke and Robert Aswani who fought for their release on bail as prosecution had objected it.

The prosecution had opposed their release saying they had been a flight risk and they kept on changing their place of residence and phone numbers.

They wanted the court to deny them bail or set them free on strict measures.

They were charged that in the period between the year 2015 and 2022 in Nairobi County w3ith others not before court, conspired to defraud Michael Kariuki and Salome Wanjiru Kariuki a sum of Sh 87,742,000 by falsely pretending that they were in a position to sell them houses at West Park Police estate knowing it was untrue.

They faced 15 more counts where they are accused of defrauding different people by forging documents uttering them to the suspects claiming that they are from the Ministry of Labour Social Security and services.

The two are being accused of obtaining millions of shillings from unsuspecting city residents under false pretenses of selling them houses at an estate they developed near Wilson Airport, within Langata area, Nairobi.

Through their Lawyers Robert Aswani and Geoffrey Omenke, the accused pleaded with the court to be released on favorable bond terms saying that they are not a flight risk because they have a fixed place of abode.

The defense said that the accused were arrested before the investigations were concluded which is a violation of their rights.

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