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3 in Sh 13M USD exchange fraud to know their fate today.

by Robert Guyana

Three men in a Sh 13M USD exchange fraud case will know their fate today on whether they will be released on bail or not.The court was informed that on March 18,19,2023 the suspects were arrested for the offense of stealing and making a document against the law.In affidavit Sworn by Officer Samuel Macharia, they received a report from the complainant that he wanted to buy US dollars for his business using his Kenyan currency.The complainant was connected to Abdikadir Mohammed Gurrow, Kelvin KithukaKyalo and Hassan Mohamud Ahmed.They exchanged details on how the money will be deposited.The complainant transferred through RTGS, from Equity bank a total of Sh 13,350,000 from his account number in the name of Mukin Gold International domiciled at Equity Bank Limited the account number in the names Royal Empire Investment domiced at Gulf African Bank limited jointly owned by Kelvin and Hassan.The Investigation Officer said that preliminary investigations indicate that Sh 6.5Million was withdrawn and the reminder transferred to Asmara Ventures Limited accounts which belong to Kelvin.The court was informed that there is a mastermind by the name MohamudIsak who is yet to be arrested and they requested more time.The prosecution said that Abdikadir is in contact with some other people who are yet to be apprehended who are out of the country.They said that their phones are needed for forensic examination and that they are also required for the Identification parade.The prosecution said that the suspects are flight risk because of no known place of abode.It is said that the money is still with the suspects and if released they might withdraw.In an affidavit filed by Sargent Samuel Macharia, the police wanted them to be detained for 7 days but magistrate Ondieki detained them till Tomorrow.The suspects pleaded with the court to be released on bail saying that their identification documents are with the investigators.They also said that they are not a flight risk and that resembling Somalis does not make them Non-Kenyans.

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