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by Robert Guyana

businessman Joseph Waswa will now be charged on the 9th of October before a trial court.

Waswa failed to appear in court on Thursday of 22nd September 2023, during plea taking before Milimani magistrate Susan Shitubi who agreed on defence lawyers to have the plea deferred to a later date.

According to his lawyers,Waswa felt sick at the director of criminal investigation DCI offices at Nairobi Area where he had honored his sermons in the alleged fake us dollars that led to the arrest and charging of 13 other suspects.

The lawyers told the court that the accused person felt sick but upon examination his doctor recommended him for a bedrest.

The defence lawyers also added that their client filed a miscilanious application at the high court where the court granted Waswa Anticipatory bail of 200,000 cash bail pending the hearing Anda the determination of this case.

According to the charge sheet seen at Milimani law court,it’s states that on 7th Day of September 2023 at Villa Mawe in Garden Estate within Nairobi jointly with others not before court without lawfully authority or excuse had in his possession 634,178 USA forged currency notes for one hundred denomination bearing serial numbers per attached sheet knowing to be forged.

The matter will now be mentioned on the 9th of October for plea taking.

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