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Former Tetu MP fails to plead to forgery charges after falling sick.

by Faith Karanja

Former Tetu Member of Parliament Ndungu Gethenji who is being accused of forgery yesterday told the court that he is suffering from a certain disease.

Ndungu was supposed to plead to forgery charges but plea taking was postponed after his lawyer told the court that he is suffering from a certain virus.

The intended charge sheet indicates that Ndungu committed the offense on November 21, 2018 at Nairobi city.

He is said to have forged minutes of the meeting of Kihingo village (Waridi Gardens) management one limited.

The former MP failed to turn up in court and instead send his lawyer Ishmael Nyaribo.

Nyaribo told court that after being arrested on Friday last week, the MP was granted police cash bail pending to be charged on Monday.

“Gethinji has been exposed to Covid-19 situation. He is in isolation and is taking temporary measures. He is willing abide by the DPPs directions”, the court was told. 

The lawyer added that it is a sudden information which the court should give directions on when the matter will be mentioned for plea taking.

The prosecution did not oppose to the application and asked the court to allow Gethenji two weeks to stay in isolation and appear in court on December 1 for plea taking.

Milimani chief magistrate Martha Mutuku allowed the application and directed that the police cash bail given to Gethenji remain in force until December 1.

Gethenji and his family were the original developers of the Kihingo estate but he fell out with his brothers Gitahi and Bob over control of the Sh20 billion estate. He claimed to control the estate through 60B shares held by a company he created in 2010.

However, on November 2, Justice David Majanja ruled that there were no B shares and endorsed a residents meeting in April 2019 that removed Ndungu as chairman of the management company.

Kihingo Village in Kitisuru consists of 55 houses that each has one share in the management company, a clubhouse and social amenities.

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