Victims of 1998 US embassy in booming in court seeking compensation.

Kituo Cha Sheria and victims of 1998 U.S embassy have moved court to seeking a declaration that the Kenyan Government has failed to take necessary steps to detect and stop the 1998 U.S embassy in Nairobi as early as the year 1993, by Al-Qaida identifying targets in Nairobi future attacks.

They want a declaration that state bears an obligation to provide adequate, effective and prompt compensation, reparations to all victims of the 1998 U.S Bomb las victims for various forms of harm suffered.

“We are seeking an order directing the Attorney General to within 6 months of court judgement present a report to the court on the steps taken by Government, “he added.

They are also seeking that as a result of the breach of rights, they have suffered damages, pain and suffering.

“We want a declaration that each of the petitioners is entitled to special, general and exemplary damages against the Government,” they added.

Among the petitioners are George Ngige, Evanson Ndungu, Flora Wamukowa, Esther Njeri, Douglas Sidialo among others.

The respondents are Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Interior Security and Coordination of National Government, The Inspector-General of police, The Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Defense, National Intelligence and Attorney General.

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