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Former Tetu MP in trouble again as court summons him to plead to assault charges.

by Robert Guyana

Court has finally issued a ruling against Former Tetu MP Ndung’u Gethenji and summoned him to plead to assault charges on August 23,2021.

Magistrate Martha Mutuku of Milimani law Courts had postponed the delivery of the ruling against Gethenji for various reasons.

Mutuku has summoned Gethenji to appear in court on August 23, 2021, to plead to assault charges. She also refused to recuse herself from handling the criminal case saying there was no enough grounds for that.

While declining to disqualify herself Mutuku said that an application filed by the complainant’s lawyer Professor George Wajackoyah lacked merit since he failed to demonstrate that she had shown any interest in the case.

“I find that there is no conflict, I find that the application has no merit. The accused is ordered to appear in court for plea taking, “Mutuku ruled.

In March this year, Wajackoyah filed an application informing the magistrate that they were unhappy with the way she was handling the matter and requested her to vacate the plea taking of Gethenji until she had stepped aside.

Wajackoyah had said that Mutuku had been adjourning cases involving Gethenji without enough reasons thus delaying Justice.

Lawyer Ishmael Nyaribo representing Gethenji however opposed the application saying Wajackoyah had not shared the letter written to Mutuku complaining of her conduct.

In this case, Gethenji is accused of beating up Godfrey Mutua, a Kihingo Security Guard on February 5.

The prosecution alleges that at 11.28 pm on February 5, Gethenji arrived at the gate of Kihingo Village where he lives and where he has been in a protracted dispute with the other residents.

As a result, he has been removed from the chairmanship of Kihingo Village Management Company and no longer plays any part in the management of the upmarket estate in Kitisuru.

Gethenji was annoyed that Securex was recently appointed to provide security to Kihingo Village and that his preferred security company 911 was blocked from entering the estate.

During the delivery of the ruling, Wajackoya asked where the accused was and why the ruling was being delivered in his absence.

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