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Principal and her deputy testifies in Langata school arson case

by Robert Guyana

The Principal and deputy principal from Langata High School have testified in a case in which twelve students are facing three counts of arson and conspiracy to commit a felony there in the year 2016.

Joshua Otieno appeared before magistrate Bernard Ochoi and said that on July 10,2016 at around 1pm, he was in his house and received a call from the school nurse and chief security.

“They informed me that they had been informed by an informer that some students were planning to burn down the school, “he said.

The deputy said that he advised them to plant people within the area to monitor the situation. He said that while at the gate together with other teachers they were informed that two classes were on fire

They went and put the fire off and he called the school principal who advised him to call OCS. The OCS sent police officers who came and started investigations.

The board also came in and recommended 8 students to be arrested.

The principal of Langata boys high school Teresa Muthoni said that on 25/7/2016 police came to her office and hinted that they wanted some of the students for questioning for the fire incident.

“They took away 6 students for interrogation for further interrogation,” she added.

She added that 184 students’ beds and mattresses and bedcovers were destroyed by the fire.

368 bed sheets, blankets,184 students’ boxes and personal belongings among other valuables worth Sh 5Million.

“Latter the board meeting was urgently called and the school temporarily closed and was to open on 3/8/2016 for the student to undertake exams and closed, “she added.

The two were being cross-examined by lawyer Danstan Omari.

In the case, 12 students have been charged with burning its buildings and destroying property worth Sh5.4 million.

The students denied five counts of conspiring to commit a felony and arson before senior principal magistrate Martha Mutuku in the year 2016.

They are out on Sh200,000 bond or Sh100,000 cash bail each.

Hearing will continue on September 29 and 30…and December 1,2021.

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