Home Court News A sister to the late Dutch National Tob Cohen says Judge Sankale had an affair with murder suspect Sarah Wairimu and they spent two days in a lodging.

A sister to the late Dutch National Tob Cohen says Judge Sankale had an affair with murder suspect Sarah Wairimu and they spent two days in a lodging.

by Robert Guyana

A sister to the late Dutch National Tob Cohen has been filed a second before the Judicial Service Commission to have Justice Sankale Ole Kantai removed from office.
Gabriel Hannah Van Straten says Sankale assisted Sarah Wairimu to write and edit her statement under inquiry regarding the disappearance of his late brother which she claims that it amounted to abuse of the office.
Through lawyer Danstan Omari, Gabriel Hannah says that the judge has exhibited gross misbehavior evidenced by the facts that he was engaging in extra marital affairs with Sarah Wairimu Kamotho, a married woman and him being a married man.
“The judge booked and checked into a hotel room 405 at the Acacia Hotels, Kisumu, with the said Sarah Wairimu and spending two nights together, “added Gabriel.
She added that Sankale assisted Sarah Wairimu to procure the services of an Advocate, a clear demonstration of the predisposition of the judge to aid the accused, his lover, to evade justice for her heinous crime.
She wants JSC to order the immediate removal from office of judge Sankale Ole Kantai from discharging, executing in any manner involving himself in any judicial function contemplated under the constitution.
According to documents filed before the JSC Straten further claims that the judge got intimate with an accused person Sarah Wairimu despite knowing that she was a married woman and by extension a central figure in an ongoing murder trial.
He alleges that the judge Booked and checked into a hotel room no.405 at the Acacia hotels, Kisumu with Sarah Wairimu and allegedly spending two nights together.
Staten alleges that the judge breached his oath of office and is eligible for removal from office.
She claims that the judge used his position and facilitated her sister in laws travel from Kisumu airport to Acacia hotel where they stayed by arranging her travel using his official judiciary vehicle and official driver.
Similarly she argues that the judge destroyed evidence of their involvement in the murder of his brother Tob Cohen between 20th July and August 28TH via WhatsApp, phone calls and meetings planned and facilitated by using his official government vehicle contrary to the law.
Last week Okiya Omtatah filed a similar petition before the JSC for removal of office. According to Omtatah the concealment, during recruitment, of material facts concerning the judge role in the fraudulent transfer of the late Silas Ita’s share in Tobs Limited to himself on
29th April 1999 and, later, the transfer of the same share to Sarah Wairimu Kamotho on 2nd May, 2002, violated express provisions of the Constitution on integrity, transparency, and accountability.
”The impugned conduct of the learned Judge, frustrating police efforts to bring the murderers of the late Tob Cohen to book, is a breach of the oath of office for judges of the Superior Courts which he took and, therefore, amounts to gross misconduct and/or misbehavior warranting removal from office, “says Omtatah

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