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A wife to a Hotel director ordered to appear in court in two weeks in Sh 500M case.

by Robert Guyana

A Nairobi court has declined to lift a warrant of arrest against a wife to the director of various restaurants ,bars and shopping malls in Nairobi charged with obtaining half a billion from a Victoria Commercial Bank.

Nina Jayesh failed to appear in court for plea taking yesterday and the court was informed that she is out of the country and will appear in two weeks’ time.

The prosecution opposed an application to lift the warrant of arrest.

The victim said Nina’s whereabouts is yet to be established, it is their position that the said application be denied until the where about of Nina is established.

A lawyer for accused Saloni said he did not wish to involve himself  and court in long process but concerning the where about of second accused, by the time the DCI went to get Nina from the  home of the second accused had already  began a journey outside the country.

The prosecution said that there is nothing that has been tendered to court to confirm that she is out of the country and expected to be back in two weeks.

They urged the magistrate not to lift the warrant of arrest.

The victim wanted the court to summon the Investigation Officer to come and shed light the effort they have made in establishing the second accused whereabouts.

The victim through lawyer Chege requested the prosecution to run a paid advert to seek a whereabouts of Nina on one of the local daily.

They said that this matter is of public interest. The magistrate ordered Nina to appear in court in two weeks.

Jayesh Umedal who is the first accused requested for his passport to travel to Dubai for business purposes. That application was opposed by prosecution and he was directed to appear in court for ruling of that application on December 14, 2021.

The magistrate directed that warrant of arrest against Nina to remain in force and if in two weeks she fails to appear, a local advert will run.

Owner of famous food joints in Nairobi has been charged with obtaining Loan amounting to Ksh 520 Million from Victoria Bank with fraudulent security.

The 58 year old who is charged alongside his wife his believed to be the owner of various restaurants, bars and shopping malls in Nairobi namely Mr Yao,Blue Door Bar and Nyama Mama.

“Jayesh Umedlal Shanghavi your charged that on diverse dates between December 10th 2018 and November 2020 in Nairobi within Nairobi City County by false pretenses and with intent to defraud,jointly with others not before court  induced Victoria Commercial Bank Limited to execute a first legal charge over apartment Number B2 erected on Land in Nairobi namely Crystal Edge Apartment  to secure the amount of Ksh520,000,000 as a valuable security” read the charge sheet

According to court documents the two directors of the Good Earth Group limited Mr Jayesh and Nina who are the accused before court entered into an agreement with the bank and began borrowing since 2015 and continued to advance more loan from the bank upto November 2020.

The securities which were being provided by the two to the bank varied from type and value which included properties owned by their company,bank deposits from their alien accounts among others but did not own any of the premises they operated business from.

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