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DCI wants court to declare recently launched Terrorism Guidelines Unconstitutional.

by Robert Guyana

The Director of Criminal Investigations(DCI) George Kinoti now wants the High Court to declare the recently launched Terrorism Guidelines by the DPP as unconstitutional.

While responding to a petition by Activist Memba Ocharo,Kinoti says that if the court does not act, the move by the DPP will hinder and cripple the investigations on terrorism with ripple effect on the National Security.

Through his lawyer Danstan Omari, the DCI says that his office and that of Anti-Terror Police Unit disassociate themselves from the said regulations in totality and pray that the court puts an abrupt stop to its implementation for the best interest of the country, its citizens ,future generations and ever-integrated global.

Omari says that the guidelines as stated are unconstitutional and the DCI shall never accede to being guided by the same in the investigation of terrorism offenses.

“The authorities who took part in the validation process may have done so without full disclosure or knowledge to the content in the regulations and implications on their institutional mandates,”added Omari.

Kinoti says that he was never involved in the process of coming up with the guidelines.

Kinoti says that they have the best training academy for Terrorism but they were never consulted.

According to the affidavit, the DCI was only made aware of the validation and the launch of the said guidelines on social media through a press release by DPP Noordin Haji without prior notification to him as the principal enforcer of the law on terrorism.

In the case, an activist moved to court challenging the terrorism guidelines arguing that they are discriminatory, the DCI, DPP and the Anti-terror police unit have been listed as respondents.

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