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DJ Brownskin seeks review of the detention orders.

by JT reporter

Michael Macharia, also known as DJ Brownskin, who is facing allegations of aiding his wife’s suicide, has requested that DCIO Kasarani Jimmy Kimaru be summons to appear in court for breaching court orders.

DJ Brownskin has also claimed, through his lawyer Duncan Okatch, that police were pressuring him to confess and acknowledge to the crimes as a condition for his release.

On Tuesday morning, the lawyer asked the court to issue orders compelling the DCIO and the case Investigating officer to appear in person to explain why they have failed to comply with an order issued last week to release the accused from custody.

The court heard that though the accused was granted Sh50,000 cash bail the police are yet to release him.

“On June 9, 2023 in blatant disrespect of the court orders, the DCIO Kasarani and investigations outrightly declined to release the accused person on the face of the original court order over the weekend. On Monday the police extended the non-compliance and rushed him to court for plea,” Okatch told the court.

“DCIO Kasarani with utter contempt of court brought the accused in Milimani law courts. The officers ensured he did not communicate with anyone including his lawyers. They brought him at 5:30am. Such a treat even controversial Pastor Paul Mackenzie has not been treated like that. They denied violating all his rights as DJ brownskin who was brought before you would have walked to court as a free man,” the lawyer added.

The lawyer further stated that during the interrogation, the officers were forcing DJ Brown to confess in exchange for his freedom.

“Adding salt to injury they insisted on having the accused give a confession or admission as a condition to comply with these orders. Despite us indicating that was contrary to Article 49 and 50(2)(j) of the constitution, and on self inclination. The officers did not take the free counsel; they declined to release the accused,” he said.

Okatch urged the court to review the orders issued on Monday to detain the DJ for three days in custody pending a pre-bail bail report.

“We beg the court very humbly to review the orders you issued yesterday and adopt the terms that had already been issued before Makadara court in the miscellaneous file for investigations,” stated Okatch.

“We therefore seek that you summon DCIO Kasarani alongside the investigation officer in this matter. As your pen can deal with any person who goes against the law,” the lawyer said.

The prosecution through Anderson Gikunda however vehemently opposed the request by DJ brownskin to have summons issued against the two officers saying that they did not disobey court orders issued by the Milimani court.

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