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DCI Detains Nigerian Nationals and Kenyans in Major Narcotics Investigation

by Robert Guyana

The police attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have been given orders to detain three Nigerian nationals and two Kenya for a period of 10 days to allow them to conclude investigations of narcotics drugs dealings.

Salako Oluwafeni Samuel ,Adeleye Olushola Stephen, Akinyansa Olutayo Kenshinko, Eve Amondi Ochieng, and Maureen Cherono Kogo were arrested in Kilimani area on 28th May 2024 at around 2.00am on suspicion that they were engaging in organised crime

They are being investigated for traffic narcotics, drugs, and other psychotropic substances.

The police are also probing the validity of passports and other travel documents held by the suspects to be in Kenya.

According to the detectives, the suspects are engaged in multinational drugs syndicate with accomplices that are yet to be arrested.

The seized narcotics were subjected to a forensic analysis,and the report availed.

It took the police a whole day to break into the suspects’ house in kileleshwa,where the drugs were harboured.

The investigators have so far placed Eve Amondi Ochieng on intensive scrutiny as she is suspected to be the key accomplice of the three Nigerian nationals in the case.

The affidavits sworn by lead investors indicate that the suspects have no fixed place of residence in Kenya as they were nabbed at an AirBnB located in Gatundu Road in kileleshwa.

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