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Owino says he has spent over Sh 58M on DJ Evolve medical expenses.

by Robert Guyana

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino alias Paul Ongili has appeared before magistrate Bernard Ochoi to defend himself in that case.

He has told Ochoi that he has a calling from God to help people and so far he has helped many people even to pay school fees in the Country.

Owino said he has so far spent Sh58.6 million on DJ Evolve alias Felix Orinda’s medical expenses and maintenance cost.

Babu stated that he accepted responsibility for Elvove as a symbol of his moral responsibilities as a leader.

He was testifying in a case in which he is being accused of mishandling a handgun when he shot DJ Elvove at B club in 2020.

“I took charge of life saving of the initiative and endeavors of Felix Orinda as a leader. And that would be inconsistent with a person who intended to harm”, Owino said.

He added that during the incident,he was as sober as a judge.

“Total bills accumulated to 23million as DJ Elvove was in the ICU. He was immobile and could not move. I bought him an apartment at Kilimani at around 17million and hired two nurses, 2 physiotherapists 1 occupational therapist which upto date am paying Sh300,000 per month. I have paid 11.1million and its still going on for 37months. I take care of his upkeep of 70,000 per month to pay bills and food. Medicine is 80,000 per month totaling to 5.5 million for 37 months.”

Last surgery that costed Sh2million which made him to speak was done at Nairobi. So far I have spent Sh58.6million on Evolve”, Owino added. 

He said he plans to buy a motor vehicle and help set up a DJ school for him. He also plans to take him to India for further treatment. 

The MP has denied that his firearm fired a bullet since it was jammed.

The case will proceed on June 22,2023.

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