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Raila Supporter Shadrack Omondi alias (JAKABABA)behind bars over incitement claims.


A Member of Bunge La Mwananchi Shadrack Orwa Omondi alias Omosh Jakababa who is also Raila supporter is now behind bars.

He has been detained for a week after he allegedly told Raila in a tiktok video to go to Russia and procure guns for his supporters to invade state house.

According to the DCI, Omosh Jakababa among other suspects still at large is said to have published through Tiktok a malicious video captioned ‘Baba enda Russia utuletee bunduki’ Omosh Jakababa…roughly translated as (Baba go to Russia bring us guns).

DCI believes that the averred publication went further to state that once they acquire the purported weapons, they would be able to face off with the law enforcement officers.

Further, DCI told the court that the utterances by Omosh Jakababa involved incitement to take up arms to advance to a protected area (State House) without permission.

In his objection through lawyer Danstan Omari, Omosh stated that DCI has not linked the Tiktok account to him hence it is hot air.

Further, he said that the word Baba enda Russia does not disclose any offence because Russia is not a restricted country hence anybody can access Russia.

He also told the court the wording ‘utuletee bunduki’ has a million and one meanings.

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