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PS Nominee Julius Korir suffers blow after court puts him on defense in assault case.

by Robert Guyana

The Principal Secretary nominee for Cabinet Affairs Julius Korir now has to prepare to defend himself in a case where he is charged with assaulting his estranged wife.

When delivering the ruling, Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Dolphina Alego said that the prosecution has proved its case against the accused and he has to defend himself.

Korir is charged with assaulting his wife Evelyn Koech over food claims.
Previously, Korir’s lawyer questioned the admission of a P3 form that was not original as it was a photocopy. 
The magistrate said the medical document was authentic having been written and signed by a government doctor and produced in court whether he is dead or alive. 
In March, Dr Stephanie Wakaba testified that in 2020 while carrying out her duties at Nairobi hospital, she received a patient by the name of Evelyn Koech.
The court was told that Koech appeared to be sick because she had bruises and linear marks on her back, butt and a tear on her arm.
“She came in with a history of physical assault, I attended to her and did a physical examination.  She appeared to be sick, in pain and had bruises,” the court was told.
Wakaba was testifying in a case Korir is charged with assaulting Koech while pregnant in 2020.
Wakaba further stated that she took images of the patient who requested to have them taken.
A video of the same was also played in the court camera.
In November last year, Koech narrated to the court how she was allegedly beaten by the PS, stating that Korir returned home one day and asked for food but, before she could respond, he had already started beating her.
“On a fateful day, I was putting our child to bed when my husband walked into the children’s bedroom and shouted ‘Leo utaniona, iko wapi chakula?’ And before I answered the accused started slapping me. I was trying to protect the baby from the slaps,” she narrated.

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