Home Court News Prosecution stopped from harrassing Chinese Investor Chen Chao.

Prosecution stopped from harrassing Chinese Investor Chen Chao.

Chen Chao ,investor in kiambu court

by Robert Guyana

The office of director of public prosecutions “DPP” has suffered a major blow after a Kiambu court dismissed their application to have businemam Chen Chao detained.

Through city lawyer Danstan Omari, Chen argued that the application by the dpp lacks merits and cannot be allowed.

In its ruling,the court issued orders including baring the police from harrassing the respondent or arresting him until the matter is heard and determined.

Among other orders,the office of the director of public prosecution was directed to notify the Ugandan goverment through the Interpol that the suspect will not leave this country until the matter is heard.

The director of public prosecution was also directed to extract proceedings before the 14th of December failure to which the matter will be outomatically lapsed as the respondent passport will be returned to him

In the matter,the office of the director of prosecution was seeking court orders to have Chen Chao a Chinese investor,the respondent bond and bail canceled and issue custodial orders to be detained.

Chen was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport by immigration officials while enrouting to Uganda.

The prosecution had sought orders to have him detained and to stop any extradition proceedings.

The matter will be mentioned on December 14/2023 to confirm whether DPP has complied with orders.

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