Home Court News Construction workers holds 2 days demonstrations at milimani law courts.

Construction workers holds 2 days demonstrations at milimani law courts.

Construction Workers holds 2 days demonstrations outside Milimani Law Courts

by Robert Guyana

A group of angry construction workers today held  demonstrations for the second day outside Milimani Law Courts.

They are complaining about their discontent over the court’s decision to suspend the government’s proposed Affordable Housing Levy.

The protesting workers, comprising plumbers, surveyors, electricians, and engineers, argue that the court’s ruling has adversely affected their livelihoods, dealing a blow to thousands of jobs amid raging debate on the surging unemployment numbers among the youth.

On January 25, President Ruto, during a three-day tour of Meru, reported that 130,000 youths had gained employment through the Affordable Housing Scheme.

In response to the workers’ protests on Tuesday, the police used tear gas and apprehended some demonstrators as they waved placards bearing messages such as “We want the affordable housing project back.”

One protester passionately yelled, “This is our livelihood; now we have no jobs,” holding a placard with the slogan “haki yetu” (our rights).

Clad in construction worker attire and brandishing twigs, the demonstrators chanted slogans like “haki yetu” (our rights) as they marched in front of the courthouse.

“We  want the government’s housing project to continue as it provides employment opportunities,”they added.

A demonstrator emphasized, “Affordable Housing is not just a program. It’s a lifeline for a better quality of life.”

An electrical engineer expressed frustration, stating that the court’s ruling had dashed his hopes of potential work from the government’s housing project.

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