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Two Rug-bay players accused of gang rape charged afresh

by Faith Karanja

Two rugby players have been charged afresh at Milimani Law Courts Nairobi.

The two Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba who were accused of raping a musician in 2018 denied the charges before Magistrate Zainab Abdul.

They were accused of raping a woman on February 11 2018 at Seefar Apartments.

They were charged after the high court ordered a retrial of their case after he found out that the trial magistrate who convicted them did not record whether the key witness in the case was ever sworn in or not.

The prosecution did not oppose their release on bail but asked for stringent terms, telling the court that the two were previously convicted of the offence of gang rape.

However, their lawyers asked for reasonable terms arguing that the High Court had ruled that the previous case was a mistrial and the case should be tried afresh.

Zainab said in her ruling that even though they had been convicted, this is a new case and it should be treated separately from the other cases.

The court noted the seriousness of the offence that the two were facing but also noted that they are entitled to bond.

She ordered them to deposit a Sh300,000 cash bail each or an alternative of Sh500,000 bond a surety of the same amount.

The court further warned them not to interfere with any witnesses in the matter failing which their bail terms will be cancelled and they will go to remand.

The court also directed the Executive Officer at Milimani law courts to release all the exhibits that were used in the previous case back to the Investigating Officer so that he can prepare for the new case.

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