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Prosecution seeks to cancel bond terms against a woman accused of Sh 3.4M fraud

by Robert Guyana

The prosecution is seeking to cancel bond terms against a businesswoman accused of fraudulent obtaining Sh3.4million from her neighbor.

Court was informed that Serah Nyokabi has been harassing the complainant and other witnesses and she also failed to appear in court for the mention of her case.

“The accused failed to appear in court and skipped two mentions before she was traced and arrested, “said Investigation Officer Jane Njue.

Njue added that instead of appearing to court, she used the money that she allegedly defrauded from the complainant to go for holidays to posted photos on social media saying the complainant can get her money from courts where she sued her.

Nyokabi will remain in custody until Monday when the court will rule on her cancelation of bail.

She is accused of fraudulently obtaining Sh3.4million from Josey Njoki by pretending that she would partner with her to finance a tender to supply tablets to communication authority of Kenya.

She allegedly committed the offence on dates between July 19 and October 31, 2019 in Nairobi County.

Nyokabi denied the charges and was released on a cash bail of Sh100,000.She however absconded bail on two mentions since taking plea in May.

The accused was re-arrested on Thursday after being tracked in Nanyuki and arraigned in court on Friday.

Appearing in court on Friday, the prosecution asked the court to be allowed to amend the charge sheet and have Nyokabi plead afresh.

also made an application to cancel her bond saying the accused failed to appear in court and skipped two mentions before she traced and arrested her.

The court heard Nyokabi is a neighbor to the complainant and has been intimidating her through other neighbors and the matter was reported at Embakasi police station.

“I have received information that Nyokabi told the complainant to ask the court for the money she allegedly obtained from her and she has been posting photos while on vacation enjoying the money, she sold the properties”, the investigating Jane Njue said.

She added that the conduct of the accused since they are neighbors has made the complainant live and other witnesses who are her family members.

Nyokabi however dismissed the claims by the investigating officer saying that she did not skip court intentionally.

She said she had tried to reach to the court through her lawyer but no clear information was availed.

The court remanded the accused until Monday when she will rule on the application and Nyokabi’s plea taking on the amended charge sheet.

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