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ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi
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Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi has slammed leaders he says have been vilifying the Luhya community for not voting as a bloc for their own or other candidates.

 The Luhya are the second largest community in Kenya but many a times blasted for having multiple candidates for Presidency despite their tyranny of numbers that can propel their own to the big office.

But Mudavadi insists that unlike Kikuyus and Kalenjins who have used their numbers to ascend to the throne and Luos too though coming short of the Presidency, Luhyas will not be bulldozed to embrace voting as a bloc.

Addressing the issue of elusive unity in Luhyaland, Mudavadi in an interview with radio personality Jalang’o said it was time Luhyas were given “some measure of respect and dignity”.

“Luhyas have voted for a Luo, Kalenjin and Kikuyu without a problem. How can you be vilified for being patriotic?” he posed.

He criticised the calls for a single candidate from a tribe or region to contest the top seat, saying having multiple contenders from a region or tribe is fairness.

“That multiplicity of candidates from a particular region is synonymous with that region being seen as divided is not true” he stated.

He said Mulembe nation has as regarding elections showed the highest levels of patriotism by voting on individual conviction and not as mass on tribal or regional lines.

Mudavadi who is for the second time making stab at presidency in 2022 elections asked other communities to reciprocate support they have received from Luhyas.

“On a fair note how many Kikuyus, Luos and Kalenjins have voted passionately for a Luhya? Is it wrong we voted for other Kenyans?” he asked.

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