Home Court News DPP yet to respond to an assault file against Ex-former Tetu Mp who is seeking review of the charges.

DPP yet to respond to an assault file against Ex-former Tetu Mp who is seeking review of the charges.

by Faith Karanja

The director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji is yet to respond to an application by Ex-Tetu MP seeking a review of his assault charges file.

When the matter came for mention before magistrate Martha Mutuku Virtually today, the court was informed that the DPP has not responded to an application by Gethenji who is seeking to have his assault charges reviewed.

Githenji is expected to answer to assault charges. He, who is battling other criminal cases is said to have assaulted a security guard in Kitisuru on February this year.

He is also engaged in civil suits over the control of a luxury home at Kihingo Village, Kitusuru. 

The case came up for mention to confirm if an application by Professor Wajackoyah (victim’s lawyer) seeking to have Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku recused from plea taking of assault case against Gethenji.

Hon Magistrate Martha Mutuku sought to confirm whether the recusal application had been filed and served to relevant parties.

Professor Wajackoyah had filed the recuse application on March 31st and served it to the defense lawyers on same day but defense had not responded.

Victim’s lawyer sought more time to file a proper recusal application since the previous one was filed under miscellaneous as there was no case number given previously.

The magistrate instructed that it be re-filed under the relevant case number before close of business and appear for virtual mention on April 23, 2021.

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