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Ringtone now wants blogger Alai back in custody.

by Robert Guyana

Musician Alex Apoko now wants bond terms granted to blogger Robert Alai counselled saying that he has continued to threaten him.

Apoko has filed that application before Kibera Law Courts Senior Principal Magistrate Monica Mararo complaining that the blogger has continued to abuse and assault him.

Through his lawyer Evans Ondieki, Apoko wants the court to direct the accused to show cause why he should not be held in contempt and be jailed for a period not exceeding six months.

“We want the court to cancel the bond terms of the accused for breaching the conditions of cash bail and insulting and using abusive language against the process of the court, “added Ondieki.

Ondieki wants the matter to be certified urgent and be heard on first instance.

The application indicates that on August 10, 2021 under the direction and command of Robert Alai/his surrogate and Agents published outrageous articles about the court.

Alai is also said to have abused and insulted Apoko alleging that he is involved in an International or theft Syndicate and uses Music as a cover up.

Ondieki says that the act of Alai is an affront to the rule of law and due process.

“Alai’s conduct is a threat to our democracy because it is a show of disrespect to institutions and the rule of law, “added Ondieki.

The lawyer adds that the rule of law is the beacon of our democracy and should be safeguarded at all times.

In an affidavit filed by Edward Cheruiyot an advocate working at Ondieki &Ondieki advocates, court on August 9, 2021 directed the accused to stop publishing comments about this case on social media either by himself or his agents.

He indicated that on the same day Alai around 23:05 hours one Abraham Mutai posted some contents online.

“The conduct of the accused shows that he has little respect for the rule of law and due process of the court should take its measures to uphold the dignity and integrity of the court process, “added Cheruiyot.

Cheruiyot says that the posts are not only outrageous but are meant to harass, and intimidate witnesses with a view to create fear and apprehension and avoid court which will undermine the administration of justice.

He added that the accused lawyer Edwin Mwenda was approached by the victim lawyer and notified that the accused was using proxy’s accounts to insult the court and witnesses in the case.

They are saying that one lord Abraham Mutai is working under the command and control of the accused (Robert Alai).

He added that it is in the interest of justice that this matter be heard expeditiously.

Alai is facing charges of causing grievous bodily harm to musician Alex Apoko is seeking to have bond counseled on grounds that he is being threatened.

On August 9, 2021, Alai appeared before Kibera senior principal magistrate Phillip Mutua and also denied assaulting the musician, who is commonly known as Ringtone.

He was also charged with damaging Ringtone’s car and released on a Sh1 million bail or alternative cash bail of Sh300, 000.

Alai was also warned against commenting on the case on social media either directly or through proxies.

Ondieki had raised complaints at the court that one Abraham Mutai had commented on the case via social media this morning.

He is expected back in court on November 24, 2021.

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