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‘Sheria Mtaani’ to Sue JSC for failure to supply documents.

by Robert Guyana

Sheria Mtaani,a legal lobby group have made clear their intentions to take Judicial Service Commission to court if it does not furnish it with documents that allegedly resolved to employ advocates in public or private practice of law.
“We implore your office to furnish us with copies of the Commission’s minutes that resolved to employ Chief Magistrates and Senior Principal Magistrates from advocates in private or public service,”reads the letter
According to Sheria Mtaani the alleged decision is ignorant of the presence of many young, and long serving judicial staff (magistrates) within the judiciary that are deserving of a promotion.
“It is inevitable to conclude that the Commission’s resolve, if implemented in its undesirable form, would certainly negatively affect the morale of the many magistrates that are selflessly in service of Kenyans. It is regretted that such a scenario would have deleterious effects on the output of many deserving Magistrates and a such the ‘Wanjiku’ ‘Atieno’ or ‘Moraa’ would be the biggest loser in this,”reads the letter
Through lawyer Shadrack Wambui such a decision, if at all as it has all manifestos of negative discrimination and lack of gratitude to the men and women whose promotions are long overdue
“Therefore, further note that unless your office serves us with a copy of the impugned minutes communicating the Commission’s resolve to act in the manner we have called to question and/or moves to act in the manner impugned, we shall not hesitate to take appropriate legal action against the Commission,”reads the letter.

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