Home Court News A Nairobi Court has suspended any activities at Mumias Sugar Factory.

A Nairobi Court has suspended any activities at Mumias Sugar Factory.

by Robert Guyana

A Nairobi Court has temporarily suspended the operations of Mumias Sugar Factory pending the hearing and determination of an application by Gakwamba Farmers’ Cooperative Society.

The farmers lawyer Danstan Omari said that Politicians taking advantage to fund all those cases are not in the interest of the Mulembe people.

He added that Sarai Groups of companies that are running the Mumias Sugar is a well-known Multinational Company and has given an undertaking that within six months Kenyans will go to the supermarket Shelf and take their favorite Sugar.

“This are disruptions towards that end, it is our instructions from our clients that this is purely politics so that Mumias Sugar Company becomes a subject of a political question to determine the election of 2022,”he added.

Omari added that they are strongly going to put their position of the farmers that Mumias sugar is no longer a subject of 2022 political chase ball because already a lease has been given.

He added that the value for money was reached because it was a loan from KCB bank.

KCB person appointed their own receiver and the receiver has awarded a contract to Sarai to do their job.

“We are appealing to the country to rally behind Sarai so that this project is completely removed from the political realm and it runs itself as a commercial entity that will generate income and bring tax and stability for the economy of Western Kenya, “added Omari.

He added that Mumias should not be made as a subject of political discussion now that court has agreed with them.

Gakwamba Farmers’ Cooperative Society has moved to court to challenge the unlawful process of leasing Mumias Sugar Company’s sugar plant to an investor based in Ruiru.

The farmers have accused Ramana Rao, the receiver-manager of Mumias Sugar Company Limited appointed by Kenya Commercial Bank, of commencing a secretive and opaque process to lease the sugar plant to a strategic investor.

“Rao and KCB have not carried out an objective cost-benefit analysis to determine whether the so-called strategic investor is the most effective way of reviving MSCL and ending the suffering of its sugar farmers and other stakeholders,” they say.

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