by Robert Guyana

a managing director of a tour company has testified to court and said how he was humiliated and denied entry at Baobab beach resort and spa limited nine years ago.

Appearing before Judge Anthony Mrima,Dancun Muriuki has said that he was discriminated against by the resort.

He told the court that despite Identifying himself at the gate together with his driver,he was discriminated against and was denied entry while he could see other vehicles were allowed in.

“I believe on the two incidences on February 7 and 9 taken in isolation of each other and jointly, I really believe that the respondent allows the policy of discrimination on race, color and social origin in its operation, “said


Muriuki told the court that he opened facebook group entitled name and shame and say no to all discrimination.

While giving his evidence in chief,Muriuki added that the tourist had come

all the way from Europe to Promote tourism.

“I remained outside the gate for more than 25 minutes. I didn’t want my clients to worry. They opened the gate for other cars. I stood there asked for

general manager number, they declined. I called several people,” He said.

In the case, Duncan Muriuki, who is the owner of Destination Africa DMC Ltd, has sued Baobab Beach Resort & Spa Ltd based in Diani, Kwale, for alleged discrimination. He has accused the resort of discrimination and of barring him from accessing the hotel.

Muriuki claims that on February 7, 2012 at about 7am, he visited the resort to pick up guests when he was denied entry.

He said security personnel denied him entry to the hotel precincts due to the management’s policy to exclude small tour operators.

In August, the judge had dismissed the application by the resort seeking to bar the media from covering proceedings in the case.

 Mrima had said that the case against the defendant is of public interest and that the application to bar the media from covering the case has no merit and is ill intended.

Through his lawyer Nderitu , Muriuki has urged the court to bar the managers of the resort from hindering his access to the facility where he takes guests on tours. 

“I cannot believe that in this day and age, some beach hotels at the Kenyan Coast will not allow locals to enjoy the services which they advertise. I am sad that some hotels still discriminate against people based on colour,” said Muriuki in his evidence to the court.

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