Home Court News Nairobi Governor Aspirant produced forged signatures in Sh 500M Karen disputed land,court told.

Nairobi Governor Aspirant produced forged signatures in Sh 500M Karen disputed land,court told.


A court has been informed that Nairobi Governor Aspirant Agnes Kagure produced forged signatures in disputed Sh 500M land in Karen ownership claims.

Appearing before Judge Maureen Odero, A lawyer who represented the late British tycoon David Michuki said to have been the owner of the land said When he was shown Kagure’s conveyance, it did not look like Roger’s signature and also the picture on the fake conveyance was not that of the deceased.

“I represented the late Roger Robson until his death in 2012 and that he was very frail and his hand had tremors so he signed and wrote in a jerky way,”He added.

Politician Kagure has been saying that she bought the disputed piece of land in Karen from the deceased, for Sh100 million cash in 2011.

She filed the suit against lawyer Guy Spencer Elms accusing him of forging signatures on the Will of the late Roger Robson who died in 2012 and who owned the two parcels of land.

During the hearing of the case, Michuki however told the court that he knew Roger in 2011 when he represented him in a case by City Council of Nairobi as it was then, claiming that Roger had not paid his rates.

He said he was introduced to Roger by Guy Spencer Elms who had been the deceased’s lawyer for a very long time.

Michuki further told the court that he represented Rogers when three alleged fraudsters tried to claim they were squatters

Michuki told the court that after meeting Roger, he realized due to his age, he had difficulty in expressing himself properly and would often go on a tangent talking about other things.

Roger Bryan Robson died in the year 2012 , left a will with Spencer who was his lawyer to manage his properties estimated to be worth over sh 500 million.

He had indicated the estates should be sold and proceeds shared between his nephew and charitable institutions in Kenya that focus on environmental conservation.

However Kagure opposed the said will, accusing lawyer Spencer Elms of forging it.

Lawyer Spencer had been charged with forging the said will in the sale of the piece of land in Karen but the case was later withdrawn due to lack of evidence by the DPP.

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