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Meru Senator in trouble again after fresh investigations begin in his rape case.

by JT reporter

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi is being accused of tampering with evidence in his Attempted rape case.
This has prompted the investigators to conduct new investigations  into that case.
A petition has been filed in court by the State saying that Linturi played a key role in the deletion of key evidence and that forensic analysis and reconstruction is currently being conducted on the mobile phones of the witnesses who took the the nude photographs and videos. In an affidavit filed by lead Investigations Officer Keith Robert,some of the evidence needed is missing like nude photos that were taken during the incident and the occurrence book from that police post.
The officer yesterday also produced before court two video clips taken at the scene of crime at a Nanyuki hotel which run for 39 seconds and 13 seconds respectively.
“The retrieval is ongoing and we shall provide further nude photos and videos as they become available,” Keith said.
According to the officer, investigations into the complaint made by a woman who Linturi is accused of attempting to rape at Maiyani Villas hotel in Nanyuki  was conducted objectively, conclusively and in the best interests of justice.
Officer Keith also urged the court to dismiss the application by Linturi who is seeking to have the case terminated for lack of supply of all the evidence material including the nude photos and videos.
The investigating officer further states that they have since supplied the senator with all the prosecution witnesses statements and all the exhibits in the matter.
“The prayers sought that the application to have the matter before court terminated for failure to provide documents that may not be in our possession would not get the justice that she so rightfully deserve,”reads court papers.
In the application the senator also sought an abstract from Nanyuki Police station dated January 30, 2021, nude photographs that the complainant and the prosecution witnesses took at Maiyani Villas at Nanyuki County together with the nude videos.
Linturi has insisted to be availed with the nude photos and videos taken by the witnesses saying it will help the court arrive at a just decision since they will shedlight on what happened on the material day.  
In the case Senator Linturi is accused of sneaking into a woman’s hotel room and attempting to rape her on January 30, 2021, at Maiyan Villas hotel in Nanyuki.
He also faces another count of indecently touching the woman without her consent.

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