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Utawala Children’s Home director sentenced to 100years imprisonment for defiling 3 boys.

by JT reporter

A children’s Home director will now have to spend 100 years behind bars for defiling 3 boys.

Steve Nzuki,The director of Utawala  Children’s  Home has been found guilty of the offense by Milimani magistrate Zainab Abdul.

He has been found guilty of defiling 3 boys of the ages between 9 and 15 years.The case has been in court for around 6 years.

The court noted that the life of the three boys has changed after the heinous crime and that their lives will never be the same again.

The mitigation of the three boys confirmed that they were adversely affected by the offense. They pleaded with the court to pass a custodial sentence to the convicted Director stating that a punishment should be meted to serve a deterrence effect to the offender.

However, the convict pleaded with the court to issue a lenient and non custodial sentence. He stated that he is a family man and also takes care of other children. 

However, the prosecutor in rebuttal, urged the court to pass a maximum sentence given the circumstances in which the offense was committed whereby the accused took advantage of the homeless and vulnerable boys.

The court ruled that there is no doubt that the offences committed is very serious and carries a heavy sentence. “The accused being a director of a children’s home aught to have protected the minors,but this was not the case, he went ahead and defiled them severally. It is the responsibility of this court to impose a deterrent sentence.” Ruled Zainab.

The court further ruled that issuing a non custodial sentence to the director would be a mockery to the Criminal Justice System. 

According to the court,the victims who are now adults were greatly affected by the offenses. ” There is no doubt that the minors were affected  by the offense.This court will therefore sentence the accused person as follows; in count one where the minor was 9 years,the accused will serve 50 years in prison, in count two where the minor was 15 years he will serve 20 years, in count three where the minor was 13 years he will serve 20 years, in count four where the accused was convicted of committing an indecent act with a minor, he will serve 10 years. The offenses took place on different dates therefore the sentences shall run consecutively.” Ruled Magistrate Zainab Abdul.

The Director was granted fourteen days right of Appeal against the sentence.

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