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KMJA applauds Supreme Court Judges Over presidential Decision.

by JT reporter

Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) have applauded the Supreme Court of Kenya for delivering a upholding the rule of law in their decision.

Through Its president Derrick Kuto, KMJA also applauded Chief Justice Martha Koome for her exemplary leadership to the Institution of the Judiciary.

“Her achievements in a short time are massive,” added Kuto.

They say that they acknowledge the Industry and hard work from the learned Judges of the Apex Court. In the breath, they applaud the members of the bar for their commitment and contribution to the rule of the law.

Kuto says that the Judges managed to decide the matter within the set Constitutional timelines that is 14 days.

They said that time without a number that Kenya is a country Governed by the rule of law and Constitution.

“We believe in the Independence of the rule of law and Constitutionalism. We believe in the Independence of the Judiciary and we urge all to abide by not just this Supreme Court decision but many other determinations that courts at all levels render on a day to day basis,” added Kuto.

On September 5, 2022, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kenya rendered its decision and upheld the election of William Ruto in a unanimous decision.

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