Lawyer for the accused Shamilla Mohammed representing him before magistrate Wendy Micheni

A 91 year old man suspected of stealing Sh 63 Million is expected to plead to the Charges Tomorrow.

A 91 year old man accused of stealing Sh 63 Million is expected to plead to the Charges Tomorrow at Milimani Law Courts.

Appearing before Magistrate Wendy Micheni, Mohamed Akram Khan’ Lawyer Shamilla Mohammed requested for a deferral of the plea taking saying that his client is unwell and bedridden.

“My client is not a flight risk and he has been in and out of the hospital several times, we will come to take a plea when the client is ready, “added Shamilla.

Shamilla said that his client is admitted at Mpisha Hospital and because of his age he is unable to appear in court at the moment for plea taking.

The lawyer added that Akram is an old man of 91 years and pleaded with the court to bear with him.

The lawyer for the Victim Ekuru Aukot said that the accused has been avoiding the case.

“The accused medical documents have been challenged in court and his age does not mean that he cannot be charged, “said Aukot.

The intended charge sheet says that on December 4, 2013 and September 16, 2014, at Habib Bank Limited Koinange Street Branch in Nairobi, being an agent to the late Sukhdev Singh Mangat, jointly stole Sh 63, 700, 000, the property of the said Sukdev Singh Mangat, which had been entrusted to him by Surjit Singh Sawan Singh to pay to the said Sukhdev Singh Mangat.

Magistrate Micheni ruled that the matter be Mentioned on October 28, 2022.

“The suspect should be kept under watch since he has dual citizenship which is Kenyan and British, “added Micheni.

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