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Petition Challenging the Victory of Juja Mp Withdrawn.

by Robert Guyana

The petition that was filed at Kiambu Law courts by Trade CS Moses Kuria’s younger brother challenging the Victory of Parliament for Juja Constituency George Koimburi Ndung’u has been withdrawn.

It has been withdrwan by High Court Kiambu before Judge Roselyn Wendo who allowed Aloise Kinyanjui’s application to have it dropped.

Kinyanjui Kuria had filed the petition on November 29,2022 to challenge the victory of Koimburi.

Through his lawyer Geoffrey Omenke,Kinyanjui had sought permission from the court to withdraw the petition saying that a consent was entered between him and the respondents in the suit.

Lawyer Omenke (left) and CS Moses Kuria

file photo.

The respondents were Koimburi, IEBC and Juja Constituency returning office.

“The cohesion for the people of Juja to allow for healing of the losing side and development are some of the grounds as to why I want to withdraw this petition,” added Aloise.

He wanted  a court to set a date for the hearing of her application to withdraw the suit.

The businessman made the application for withdrawal after reaching consent with Koimburi of the UDA party who won the Juja parliamentary seat after garnering 39,413 votes.

“The petitioner applies for leave to withdraw the petition upon consent was entered between the petitioner and the respondents,” Court papers read.

Justice Wendo directed that the withdrawal order be gazetted.

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