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CCTV footage displaying former Tetu Member of Parliament James Gethenji assaulting a security guard has been produced in court.

When the parties appeared before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Dolphina Alego for the hearing of the case, the court was taken through the events that took place on February 5,2021.

Images and Videos Forensic Examiner Samson Otieno played  the CCTV videos  disclosing  how the security guard Godfrey Kirimi was assaulted.

“The video clearly shows that the accused also pushed a police officer in uniform who is also part of the security team of the estate,” added Otieno.

It was his testimony that the man seen in the videos assaulting Kirimi is the one who was in court yesterday.

Otieno said that on the day of the incident, a vehicle made by Toyota Vanguard approached the main entrance of Kihingo village with the front seat fully occupied.

The movements were captured by the CCTV cameras installed in that esate.The co-driver is seen approaching the security guard and assaulting him by slapping him. A commotion ensues and a security officer armed with a rifle also responds to that incident, he is pushed by the accused also.

The accused holds a brief conversation with them and he is back in his car and they enter the estate.

Otieno was cross-examined by Gethenji’s lawyer Churchill Otieno who asked him whether he knew it was the accused who installed those cameras.

He said he does not know. He was asked to clarify on several issues which he did.

Another witness who was to testify was unwell and therefore the  matter was adjourned to July 20,2023.

Gethenji was charged afresh in November 2021 with assaulting Kirimi.

He  is embroiled in a bitter row with his sibling over an upmarket city estate and  is said to have assaulted a guard at Kihingo Village in Kitisuru, Westland’s Sub-County on February 5, 2021.

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