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Arrested Azimio leaders seeks to be produced legally in court.

by Robert Guyana

Nine officials of Azimio One Kenya Alliance have moved to court under a miscellaneous application contesting their arrest.

They want the court to order their release from unlawful custody and be produced before a legal court.

The nine are Babu Owino, Dennis Onyango, Ken Chonga, Teddy Mwambire, Wilfred Odallo, Redson Onyango, Eric Otieno, Anthony Otsyula and Maurice Ogeta.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari, the nine said their arrest was unlawful.

“The applicants were arrested on July 19,2023 at various places within Nairobi County and whisked to various destinations that are unknown to their family members, friends and acquaintances within the ranks of the official opposition of the government in Kenya,” says Omari in the application.

He says that they were arrested while they had every intention of participating in the three-day country wide demonstrations beginning the 19th July 2023 that have been called by H.E. Raila Odinga pressured the government of the day to lower the cost of living especially following the passing of the Finance Act,2023 that despite its operation being stayed by the Constitutional Court, its effects continue to pain Kenyans.

“The Applicants herein were last seen with members of the Inspector General of Police some of whom not only wore their official uniforms but also drove GK vehicles where they were bungled up and whisked to unknown and/or undisclosed locations, “added Omari.

Omari says that the DPP and IG continue to unlawfully detain the Applicants without the authority of the courts and knowledge of their whereabouts being known to their loved ones and as such this Court is enjoined by the law to order their release or immediate presentation before court if at all any offence cognizable in law has been committed by the Applicants.

“Unless this Honorable Court certifies this matter as URGENT and orders the production of the Applicants before this court, the rights of the Applicants which include the right to peacefully demonstrate, to freedom of movement and to associate freely with others exercising their political rights will continue to be violated, “adds Omari.

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