Home Court News Accountant at KERRA in sorrow after EACC froze his Sh 21M Meant for Dowry payment.

Accountant at KERRA in sorrow after EACC froze his Sh 21M Meant for Dowry payment.

by Robert Guyana

An accountant with Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA) whose Ksh 21 million dowry account was frozen by EACC has moved to the High Court seeking orders to unfreeze the account.Daniel Munywoki Wambua, a KERRA account accused by EACC of engaging in money laundry, in an affidavit is urging lady Justice Easther Maina of Milimani High Court to vacate the orders she made on August 10 to enable him pay dowry for his wife. In a suit filed under certificate of urgency by Lawyers Danstan Omari and Matina Swiga, the accountant is accusing the EACC of misrepresenting facts about the dowry account.Wambua in a 54 pages affidavit has informed Court that he was scheduled to pay dowry on 5th August but the ceremony was frustrated by the High Court which froze the account containing money contributed by his friends to help him settle the dowry.Omari and Swiga says the money which the Court froze was contributions by 950 friends of Wambua who gave generously towards the ceremony preceeding tieing the knot in a Church ceremony.The Lawyers states in evidence filed before Justice Maina that EACC told Maina that Wambua was involved in money laundering, a statement they claim is false and totally misleading.”A constitutional body that is involved in assisting men to fight for women they intend to marry, has no business but be disbanded.” Said Omari in the Court pleadings. Wambua has alleged that Besides working for KERRA,he is also an established farmer involved in livestock keeping and and crop production.

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