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Egyptian Woman in Sh 19M fraud is ready to refund.

by Robert Guyana

An Egyptian woman accused of defrauding a Nairobi businessman of USD 130,000 for the Importation of brown sugar from Egypt to Kenya has decided to settle the matter out of court.
Anan Salah Abdel Fattah Salama who is an Egyptian purportedly business lady is alleged to have defrauded Samuel Kairu Njonde, a Nairobi businessman they said money by falsely pretending she would import for him brown sugar from Egypt.
When she appeared before Magistrate Dolphina Alego today on December 18/2023, she informed the court through her lawyer that she intends to settle the matter out of court.
Salah informed the court that she was coming for the settlement of the case and that she is willing to pay the money because the matter emanates from business transactions.
“Negotiations are still ongoing, my client is a foreigner and is organizing how the money will be refunded, “added her lawyer.
She therefore sought for more time when she would have raised the money which is about Sh 19 Million.
A lawyer for the complainant wanted the Egyptian to be clear that she will pay the money saying that she is a foreigner and might be a flight risk.
“It should go on record that this accused person who is even a flight risk about what she is saying that she will pay, “added lawyer for the complainant.
The prosecution told the complainant that already the travel documents belonging to her are in their possession including other documents thus she cannot escape.
The complainant was also saying that a fixed abode for the woman is unknown but he was informed that she is staying at a Nairobi Hotel where she is paying Sh 20,000 per day.
According to the prosecution, the suspect on 25th October 2023, being the CEO of Enhanced Trade and Shipping, obtained from Mary Wangui Mwangi, director of Marangu Enterprises Limited, a sum of USD 130,000, transmitted through swift funds transfer from Equity Bank Limited bank account held at Thike Supreme Branch to Almashreq Bank Limited bank account held at El Souq El Shark Branch in Egypt by falsely pretending that she was in a position to supply 1,000 metric tons of brown sugar to the said Marangu Enterprises Limited a fact she knew to be false.
Appearing before Milimani Law Courts Chief Magistrate Lucas Onyina, the accused denied the charges and the court released her on a cash bail of Ksh 600,000.
The matter will be mentioned on January 17/2024 to confirm compliance.

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