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Desire says Koome forged documents to defraud him of sh 400M

by Robert Guyana

A Rwandese businessman Desire Muhiyunza has disclosed that a Kenyan Kirimi Koome faked documents to defraud his company of ksh. 400 million.

Muhiyunza told justice Alfred Mabeya that Koome entered into fraudulent transactions in which he transferred money from his Online account which was deposited in his Equity bank account in Meru.

He said in his cross examination by lawyer Danstan Omari that Koome had no legal Authority to transfer money or transact business using his Stay Online Kenya Limited.

He said the transactions in which Koome conducted were fraudulent, which caused him to report the matter to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Kenya that after thorough investigations Koome was found culpable and was subsequently charged for fraudulently obtaining money from his company.

He told the judge that his company was registered in Rwanda in 24th April 2013 where Koome registered the same company in Kenya on 14th April 2023.

He said that his company is an International organization that has clientele from global countries which Koome has no capacity to have established the same.

According to the plaintiff’s lawyer Danstan Omari the funds in question were linked to merchants using Koome’s online platform, Stay Online Limited (SOL), to market their products.

SOL earned commissions from the sales, making the protection of this money a top priority.

The Sh 400million, now the subject of intense legal scrutiny, is held in two Nairobi banks and stems from various online business activities. To safeguard these substantial funds from potential misuse.

Desire Muhinyuza, the Rwandese entrepreneur, is pitted against Kirimi Koome in a legal battle to determine ownership of Stay Online Limited (SOL), Kenya.

Koome contends that he is0 the sole owner of Stay Online Limited, Kenya, while Muhinyuza asserts that Koome was appointed as SOL’s proxy in Kenya due to the complexities associated with foreign entrepreneurs registering businesses in the country.

  • Koome has since been charged before Chief Magistrates court for defrauding the foreigner of ksh. 400 million is out on a bond of ksh. 500,000 and the criminal matter is set for hearing January 2024.

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