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Businessman Kirimi Put to Task to explain How Sh 391M came to his possession as he claims.

by Robert Guyana

A businessman in Sh 391Million  fraud case has been put to task to explain how the said money came into his possession as he claims .

Appearing before Judge Alfred Mabeya,Kirimi Koome the  respondent in a suit filed by Rwandese National Desire Muyihunza,he was asked heavy questions by the complainant Lawyer Danstan Omari during cross examination.

Asked whether he was the one who registered the said Stay Online Company, Kirimi said that he was assisted by a lawyer to register the disputed Company in the year 2023.

Lawyer Omari demanded to know how that company operates and what is the commission that the people he claims to have employed get.

Did you pay the registrar statutory fees?

Where is evidence?

What was the mode of payment?

Kirimi said he can produce bank statements if granted an opportunity, he was also requested to show that he was 100% beneficiary of the said company.

Omari wanted to be supplied with the original payment receipts that Kirimi allegedly used to open the said Company.

Kirimi was declaring himself as the sole owner of Stay Online Company which is a payment and processing software company.

Kirimi said the company provides services to Visa and Mastercard merchants. Kirimi said the Sh 400Million frozen by the bank belongs to his company.

While Koome has contended that he is the sole owner of the company, Desire Muyihunza who is the complainant explained that he was only employed as SOL Kenya’s proxy owner to beat the complexities of registering a business by foreigners.

The court heard that the parent company in Rwanda Stay Online Limited Rwanda had a board of directors’ resolution on April 1, 2012 to expand its operations in Uganda, Kenya and Zambia.

Desire has since said that he was told the accused (Koome) could help him meet VIPs and that he was also a businessman with interests in hotels, roads and real estate.

Kirimi is accused of conspiring to defraud Desire who is the beneficial owner of Stay Online Limited USD 2,619,583.27, being merchant funds by falsely representing himself as the owner of the said funds.

He is alleged to have committed the offence on diverse dates between July 10 and October 4, 2023, in Nairobi jointly with others not before the court and with intent to defraud.

Koome is also charged with stealing Ksh.14,945,000 (USD 100,000) property of Stay Online Limited which had been entrusted to him to make payment of provision of taxes for the said company.

He also faces another charge of making a false entry in a document for payment of USD 100,000 9ksh.14 million) to his USD Account domiciled at Equity Bank and giving false information to the police.

Muhinyuza has since pleaded with the court to assist him gain control of his company Stay online, during the hearing of the suit.

He narrated to court how he was allegedly defrauded by Koome.

Through his lawyers Sophy, Shadrack and Danstan Omari, the plaintiff informed

the court that he owns controlling interest in Stay online Rwanda which is

the mother company of Stay online Limited based in Kenya.

He says that he is the legitimate owner of Stay Online Limited.





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